All AFK Journey codes today (May, 2024)

AFK Journey codes

Last update and codes review: May 1st, 2024

In this article you will find all the active AFK Journey codes to get free diamonds, gold, hero essence and, sometimes, Dragon Crystal. Remember to visit us frequently, as we will update the list constantly.

Active AFK Journey codes

These are the codes that are currently active in the game:

  • AFKJourneyZekiaPax – 100 diamonds
  • AFKJourneyDishPax – 100 diamonds
  • AFKJourneyLilyPax – 100 diamonds
  • AFKJourneyAlpharad – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyPRESTON – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyHI – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneySpecialEDD – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyLGIO – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyJianhao – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • afkjourneyjoshdub – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyCarbot – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyMSA – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyDE – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneySqueezie – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyZanny – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyPG0 – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourney88 – 100 diamonds and 18,888 gold
  • AFKJourneyrug – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJOURNEYVG – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJOURNEYNOGLA – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJOURNEYCMK – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • afkjourneyviva – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyTGT – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyTT – 88 diamonds and 16k gold
  • AFKJourneyCreator – 200 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyPAX – 400 diamonds and 40k gold
  • AFKJN2024 – 188 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyArt – 327 diamonds and 16k gold

How to redeem the codes in AFK Journey?

If you want to redeem promotional codes in AFK Journey you must follow these simple steps:

Account AFK Journey
Promo code AFK Journey
Redemption code AFK Journey
  1. Log in to the game from your device.
  2. In the upper left corner, click on the icon of your player.
  3. Go to the third tab in the menu, “Others“.
  4. Click on the “Promotional code” button.
  5. Enter the code in the corresponding field, and click on “Redeem“.

Once you complete these steps, you will automatically receive the corresponding rewards.

What rewards can I get using the promo codes?

The gifts offered by promotional codes depend on the value of each code, but usually offer free diamonds and gold.

On special occasions, such as releases of new versions of the game or to apologize for major bugs, they may offer some with more eye-catching gifts such as:

  • Hero essences
  • Soul seals
  • Soul Stones
  • Training manuals
  • Bells of mercy
  • Dragon Crystal, although this is the most complicated to obtain

The best thing to do is to keep an eye on this page or their social networks to know if they have activated any new ones with succulent rewards like those.

How to get more AFK Journey codes?

The developers themselves have warned their players that they are constantly uploading new codes to their social networks, especially on Facebook, Discord and Reddit.

We will also show you all of them on this website, but if you would like to get them on your own, here are the official accounts you should follow:

With these accounts in mind, I am convinced that you will find new codes very quickly.

However, I insist that we update the listing in this article constantly to bring you all the ones we find current.

More ways to get free rewards

Although codes are an excellent way to get rewards such as diamonds and gold for free, we cannot forget that within the game itself we can get rewards through missions.

For example, there is a daily reward calendar, so if you enter the game every day, you will unlock a new gift. The seventh day reward will be very special.

On the other hand, there are daily and temporary quests associated with the game, and if you complete them, you will be rewarded with even more gifts.

Daily quests AFK Journey

Now it only remains to enter the game recurrently, redeem all these rewards that we have at our disposal, and move forward with our heroes in one of the most acclaimed RPG games of the moment.

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