Board Kings: daily links with free rolls (March, 2024)

Board Kings free dices

ready to give your board an extra twist today? Here, every day, you’ll find exclusive links that will take you directly to free rewards, such as free rolls or free dice for Board Kings.

April 15, 2024

Free 40 Juice

April 13, 2024

Free 40 Juice

April 11, 2024

Free 80 Rolls

April 9, 2024

Free 40 Rolls

April 7, 2024

Free 40 Rolls

How to use the links on Board Kings?

To redeem the links and get the rewards they contain, just click on the links we have placed above, which we update every day.

Board King dices

Remember to do it with a cell phone that has the game installed, because if you do it from another, or from a computer, the link will not work and will tell you that you must click on it on a compatible device.

Following these simple steps you will get the rewards and you will be able to advance in the Board Kings game board.

What rewards will I get in the game?

In Board Kings, daily links offer free rolls of board dice as rewards for players.

To redeem these rewards, you simply click on the daily link using your mobile web browser and then press the “Get Prize” button that appears.

The Board Kings app will open and you will receive a notification confirming that you have successfully redeemed the rewards.

Each reward link lasts for a few days, so it is important to redeem them quickly.

We update the links every day, giving you constant opportunities to get free spins and advance in the game, so remember to visit us daily to get them.

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