Coin Tales: daily links with free spins (March, 2024)

Coin Tales free spins

So that you can continue to advance in your games, we bring you exclusive links that will give you free spins for the game Coin Tales. The list is updated every day, so remember to visit us to see the new ones we upload:

May 18, 2024

Free Spins

May 17, 2024

Free Spins

May 16, 2024

Free Spins

May 9, 2024

Free Spins

May 7, 2024

Free Spins

How to redeem free spins at Coin Tales?

To use the links we have provided above, you just have to:

  1. Access this site from the cell phone in which you have the game installed.
  2. Click on the daily links, starting with the most current ones to make sure they have not expired.
  3. They will take you to your game, and you will automatically receive the rewards.

With these simple steps, you will enjoy your Coin Tales experience even more, as every day you will have more chances to get rewards with new spins.

What gifts will you get?

In the Coin Tales game, the daily rewards mainly include free spins that can be obtained through our daily updated links.

These free spins allow you to play on the game machine, giving you the opportunity to win more coins and other prizes that will help you progress in the game.

In addition to the spins, you may also be able to earn other rewards such as additional coins or special items, although this may vary depending on current in-game promotions and events.

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