Modern Community Tricks: unlimited lives and free money

Modern Community

If you are playing Modern Community you will surely be interested in knowing some tricks or strategies to get infinite lives and free money.

We warn you that any generator you see on the Internet will not work, so it is preferable that you follow the tips we will give you below.

How to get free money in Modern Community

The easiest way to get coins in Modern Community is by playing the special levels dedicated to it.

Money and coins Modern Community

These special levels appear when you have passed several levels, and they have the peculiarity that they are full of coins.

Your objective must be to make color combinations near them, in order to get them.

How to get unlimited lives in Modern Community

Although we cannot get infinite lives forever in the game, we can get unlimited lives temporarily (for example, for 15 minutes or 30 minutes).

Infinite lives Modern Community

This means that, during the time we have the infinite symbol, we can lose as many times as we want in the levels.

The ways we have to get these lives are the following:

Daily rewards

The daily rewards are unlocked from level 10, just after finishing the first level of the second chapter.

Daily Reward Modern Community

Once you unlock this feature, you will see that there are a series of rewards for each consecutive day that you enter the game without failing.

Best of all, the seventh day reward includes free unlimited lives for 30 minutes, so don’t forget to log in for a whole week.

Completing chapters in full

Each chapter of Modern Community consists of many levels, and we know that completing them is a complicated challenge at times.

For this reason, as a reward, the game offers us unlimited lives for several minutes when we finish some of these chapters completely.

Lives Modern Community

This way, we will be able to play in a more relaxed way when starting the next chapter.

Overcome special event missions

Every few days new special events appear that you can access from the icons that you will see on the left of the screen.

One of them, for example, is the “Breaking News”, where you will have to complete a series of levels without failing.

Breaking news Modern Community

If you succeed in this event, you will receive rewards such as infinite lives for a certain amount of time.

Advance in the community pass

The community pass is an easy way to get rewards every time you complete levels, since points will be added to this pass, which you will be able to exchange for rewards.

Among these rewards we find infinite lives, as it could not be otherwise (how we like them…!).

Community Pass Modern Community

However, we warn you that it will be more and more difficult to advance in the rewards of the community pass, as you will be required more tickets to redeem the following ones.

Temporary offer bonuses

Every week or so, the game consists of several temporary offers to encourage us to pay.

The positive part of all this is that, in between the paid offers, they sometimes offer incentives such as free lives.

Free lives Modern Community

With these tips and tricks, we are sure that you already have more than one idea to continue advancing in the game without further complication.

Although, as you have seen, everything consists of advancing with the natural rhythm of the game to unlock rewards and new incentives of lives and coins.

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