Royal Match cheats: free coins & unlimited lives

Royal Match cheats

If you want to know the best tricks for Royal Match, as well as how to get coins and infinite lives to advance in the games and save the king in each level, you will like this guide.

How to get free infinite lives in Royal Match

The only way to get infinite lives in Royal Match is by participating in the temporary events that are unlocked starting at level 28.

When you complete a series of challenges, such as summoning many propellers for the “Propeller Madness” event, you will receive rewards such as unlimited lives for 30 minutes.

Evento Locura de helices Royal Match

The only thing you should keep in mind is that these events have a deadline, so you must advance as soon as possible to reach their rewards.

Vidas ilimitadas Royal Match

But not only we have this event with unlimited lives as a gift, but as you advance beyond level 28, they will reveal other events and missions with which you could also get them.

However, apart from that, there is no trick that allows you to have unlimited lives forever.

How to get free coins in Royal Match?

The coins in Royal Match will let you buy extra lives and moves, as well as boosts and power-ups. In short, you’ll be able to pass levels without much difficulty.

There are several ways to get free coins without the need for codes. They are the following:

Open the Area Progress chest

Every time you complete an area with all its constructions and improvements, you will unlock its corresponding chest, which includes free coins along with other prizes.

You can see its rewards by clicking on the“Throne Room” button and then on the chest icon. The further you progress in the game, the better the rewards will be.

Salón del trono Royal Match

Typically, you will get power-ups like the hammer or TNT to use in any level, as well as coins to get extra moves in a level or complete area tasks.

Complete special levels to save the king

As you progress through the game and complete levels, you will find that there are special levels that you can skip. Instead of a number, they are called “King’s Nightmare”.

Well: never skip them, as these extra levels are fun challenges, such as making the water flow from one side to the other to save the king, or collecting as many coins as possible with a limited number of moves.

These coin collecting levels are called “bonus levels”, and are an incredibly good option for accumulating hundreds of coins. They will appear randomly as you progress.

Monedas gratis Royal Match

Whenever you manage to complete these bonus levels they will give you additional coins, so don’t miss the opportunity to achieve them with this method.

Remaining moves when completing a level

Likewise, remember that you will also earn coins every time you complete a normal level, as well as for the moves that you have left over.

The ideal, therefore, is to complete the levels spending as few moves as possible so that the reward in coins is greater.

Participate in challenges on social networks

Every week, Royal Match publishes on its Instagram a series of publications with challenges for the community.

All you have to do is like the post, comment with your answer, and you could be one of the lucky ones in the draw to win coins and power-ups.

Royal Match rewards

Follow them on social media to stay up to date on new giveaways:

Now, all you need to do is wait for a new sweepstakes, and have some luck to be one of the lucky ones to get the prize.

Completing special events

To participate in the Royal Match special events you need to reach level 28.

Once you reach that level, you will see that they temporarily organize in-game events, and some of them are as follows:

  • Propeller Madness
  • Treasure Book
  • Team battle
  • Balloon Rise
  • Piñata party
  • Lava mission
  • Hidden temple
  • Royal League

If you get good results in these events, you will be rewarded with a succulent amount of coins.

Just keep in mind that these are temporary events, that is, with an expiration date, so you must complete them during the stipulated days.

How to get more lives in Royal Match?

Lives are very important in Royal Match, since they tell you how many attempts you have to pass a level. Every time you fail to pass a level, you lose a life.

You can accumulate a maximum of 5 lives, although this number increases to 8 if you buy the Royal Pass. Therefore, it is impossible to get unlimited lives, since there is a limit number.

The ways to get free lives without cheating are the following:

One free life every 30 minutes

The easiest trick to get free lives in Royal Match is simply to be patient, because the game offers you a free life every 30 minutes.

If you are very desperate to get lives, take a walk down the street, relax, take a nap, or whatever you want, but be patient.

In case you want lives right now, check out the following trick because you’re going to like it.

Request free lives from your Team mates

You will unlock the function of belonging to a Team from level 21.

This has a huge advantage, and it is that you can ask for lives to your Team mates, so they will be able to donate up to 5 lives in a matter of seconds.

Vidas gratis en Equipos de Royal Match

The operation is very simple: you just have to join a team, and in the chat click on the “Ask” button. From that moment on, wait for your teammates to give you free lives.

Remember that you can only ask for lives every 4 hours. After that time, you can ask your teammates for another 5 lives.

In fact, you can also be generous and help other teammates by clicking on the “Help” button that you will see in the chats. In this way, you will be the one to offer a life to the other.

These are the most effective tricks to get lives and coins in Royal Match. As you can see, it is possible to get infinite lives with event rewards, but only for a limited time. What will be better is that you advance naturally in the games and enjoy the game without stress.

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